Become a Master Sales Guru using the power of NLP & Conversational Hypnosis

Lunch. Learn. Grow!

We're thrilled to extend a special invitation to an exclusive Lunch & Learn seminar on Conversational Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This complimentary event is not just about a meal; it's an introduction to the powerful strategies that can redefine your sales approach.  


Unlock your potential as a master sales guru by harnessing the power of NLP and mastering the art of conversational hypnosis!







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In the dynamic world of sales and business, mastering the art of communication is paramount. Neurolinguistic Programming provides a powerful set of tools to understand, connect, and influence others effectively. By incorporating NLP principles into sales and business strategies, professionals can unlock new levels of success and build lasting, meaningful relationships.


Understanding NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?

NLP offers a framework to understand how individuals perceive the world and how this perception influences their behavior.


Understanding Conversational Hypnosis:

Learn how to gain access to one's unconscious influence by learning conversational hypnosis. Conversational hypnosis is the subtle art persuasion, building trust and shaping positive outcomes through effective communication. Elevate your influence in just one seminar session.



  Event Details:

  • Date: March 12, 2024
  • Time: 12 noon – 2 pm
  • Location: Imagination Institute of Hypnotherapy, 1 Tower Center Boulevard, 15th Floor, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
  • Must Register to attend by March 4, 2024


Register Today!  Seating is limited.  Fill out form below:

Don't let the market dictate your income, 
just your approach!

Key Benefits 



  1. Learn Persuasion Techniques: You'll be introduced on how to effortlessly captivate your audience, turning every interaction into a strategic play of influence.
  2. Handle Objections with Finesse: Discover the basic NLP techniques that empower you to address objections seamlessly, turning challenges into opportunities.
  3. Adapt to Diverse Clientele: Understand how Conversational Hypnosis adapts to various personalities, creating stronger connections and breaking down barriers.
  4. Build Lasting Relationships: Harness the power of language to build genuine rapport, establishing long-term partnerships based on trust and understanding.
  5. Master Negotiation and Closing: Leaders can employ language patterns and rapport-building methods to influence negotiations positively, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.



Why Act Now?

Only Seminar to be held in New Jersey!


This event serves as a teaser for what lies ahead. Dive into the world of advanced sales techniques but be prepared – this is just the beginning!




Join us for an afternoon of discovery, networking, and insights that can redefine your sales narrative. Unleash your potential and pave the way for success.

We look forward to welcoming you to this eye-opening experience!

RSVP by March 4, 2024

Our Awsome Speakers


Founder, Lead Hypnotherapist, Instructor


Scott's unwavering devotion to health, fitness, and nutrition has ignited a profound inner journey, revealing the depths of human potential and the extraordinary might of the subconscious realm. His fervor has now found its abode in the philosophy, science, and art of Hypnosis, transcending mere passion to become the very foundation of Imagination Hypnotherapy, LLC.

As a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Conversational Hypnosis Trainer, Scott has not only amassed a wealth of knowledge but has transformed it into a powerful catalyst for change. His dedication has culminated in the publication of "Law of One Mind," a groundbreaking work that illuminates the therapeutic potency of hypnosis in the journey to redefine one's identity.

Scott's mission is not just a vocation but a calling — a profound commitment to guide individuals in their quest to break free from the constraints of their past selves and unlock the limitless possibilities that reside within the recesses of their minds. His journey is a testament to the transformational power of belief, imagination, and the unwavering pursuit of human excellence.

Partner & Business Director

With an educational foundation in Business Administration, Annie Damato embarked on a career journey that initially led her into the intricate world of insurance and financial services. However, her true calling revealed itself through a passion for helping others and a desire to pursue a more holistic path.

The turning point in her life came with the profound loss of her son, which served as a catalyst for a transformative journey. Channeling her grief into a positive force, she delved into the realms of hypnotherapy, recognizing its potential to heal and empower. Motivated by the desire to guide others through their own challenges, Annie became a partner at Imagination Institute of Hypnotherapy/Imagination Hypnotherapy.

Her holistic approach extends beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating business acumen, compassion, and a profound understanding of human experiences. Through the fusion of her business background and newfound passion, Annie is committed to helping individuals navigate their unique paths towards healing and self-discovery.

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